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Ron Kovalcik and Claire Harris, co-founders of Human Quotient Group Pty Ltd.
We can do a lot of things for our clients but we thought you might like to know what services and products we’re featuring currently.

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As a company with experience across Defence, government and industry, we offer consulting and solution delivery related to:

  • Integrated Logistics Support
  • Supply Chain
  • Project/Programme management
  • Workforce planning, culture, capability development and delivery
  • Defence family employment
  • Strategic planning, innovation planning and human-centred design
  • Stakeholder and industry engagement and change management
  • Go-to-market strategy, marketing content, messaging, storytelling, engagement and events.

Who it’s for: Government, Defence, Defence Industry, Business/Corporates

… or anyone that wants human-focused consultants they can trust.

Project Management: Rapid uplift

Taking you from where you are to where you want to be through a bespoke process and the shortest critical path.

We offer a fully integrated suite of project and program management services, with a focus on rapid evolution. We can help, whether you need a team member or a focused Tiger Team to get projects back on track.

Who it’s for: government, Defence, Defence Industry

For any team or project that wants to make sure it’s in the best place with project functioning. Areas covered include: Capability Development, Integrated Logistics Support, Supply Chain, Workforce Design, Strategic Communication and Stakeholder Engagement.


As the pace of innovation and change increases, organisations are more acutely aware that they need to stay on top of training to be able to address skills capability gaps and simply knowing what’s going on.

We design and deliver bespoke half-day, full-day or multiple day training programs, at your workplace or off-site. We specialise in training related to technical areas such as Project Management and Integrated Logistics Support as well as Communication and Stakeholder Engagement, Team Dynamics and Individual Mastery. We can also design training to suit your needs.

We’re most excited by our Integrated Logistics Support Training Program!

Agile and modern, the program includes coaching and mentoring that goes beyond the standard traditional and passive learning offers currently in market—to address significant gaps across the Defence sector, which is currently limiting capability.

Who it’s for: government, Defence, Defence Industry

Agile Integrated Logistics Support training, finely tuned with coaching and mentoring, will strengthen Defence capability by improving project outcomes. Defence and Defence Industry personnel acquire both the technical knowledge and practical skills to deliver superior outcomes for their specific roles. Through personalised mentorship, members will also gain valuable insights and expertise, enhancing their problem-solving abilities and fostering leadership and innovation in delivery.

Cowork Coplay

Many Defence and veteran families are experiencing major challenges:

  1. Lack of time to pursue career development and meaningful work, often leading to associated feelings of disempowerment and lack of agency over one’s career choices.
  2. Isolation from community and family supports, often as a result of frequent postings.
  3. Limited access to flexible, affordable child care for young children.

Our unique Cowork Coplay program was created to addresses these challenges; for Defence, veteran and other communities where parents want to pursue meaningful work and improve their wellbeing. Cowork Coplay was created by Claire Harris, based on her experience as a Defence partner and her professional expertise.

Who it’s for: Defence, Defence Industry and veteran community

Cowork Coplay is a standalone brand and programs are offered as a service to organisations wanting to enable people to participate in the programs. We’re also exploring other expansion areas, so get in touch to discuss.

Career move?

Interested in joining a fresh, innovative company to help improve the way projects run and to inject a bit of the human quotient into Defence, industry and government?

We are seeking people who share our values and who have experience or want to get experience in the following areas:

Project Management / Support

Engineering and Science


Change Management


Communication and Stakeholder Management



Workshop Facilitation